The iOS Developer Community Survey

Data Issues

It was brought to our attention that some of the data didn’t quite add up, apologies if this has caused any issues for anyone.

This was because of a missing data field on our part and so the percentages were not calculated correctly for the number of survey respondents.

This has now been corrected and all responses are now accurate.

Results of the 2020 iOS Developer Community Survey

After successfully running the 2020 iOS Developer Community Survey, we are now thrilled to be able to release the results!

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed by completing the survey, without all of you this fantastic repository of data would not exist, and we truly believe that it is a great insight to how we, the iOS Developer community feel about the current state of Apple platform development.

This year gives us a unique position of being able to compare to last years’ results, thus giving a comparison to see where the community feels things have improved, or where improvements still need to be made.

The results are just the beginning. With this being a community survey, we would love to have the opinions of as many people from within the community as possible. If you would be interested in doing some analysis of the results, along with publishing your very own article, then please let us know.

In the meantime, please take a read of the first article on the results, a piece written by Benjamin Hendricks that focuses on augmented reality and watch this space for further articles coming in the next few weeks.

This year the survey was ran by members of the community Benjamin Hendricks, Chris Hefferman and Dragos Dobrean, with support from Dave Verwer.