The iOS Developer Community Survey

The iOS Developer Community Survey is the largest public survey of Apple platform developers ever undertaken. Data collection happened over four weeks between 6th December 2019 and the 7th January 2020. In that month, 2,290 people filled in the questionnaire. This site presents the raw data collected, along with analysis and opinion based on that data.

Analysis and Opinion

Do you have an idea for a question you’d like to see answered using this data? Let me know.

Raw Survey Results

Here is the raw data, without the bias of analysis or opinion. Please read this before browsing it.

  1. Apple Platform Development
  2. Your Career
  3. Conferences and Meetups
  4. iOS Development
  5. Mac Development
  6. Apple Watch Development
  7. Apple TV Development
  8. Swift on the Server
  9. Machine Learning
  10. Augmented Reality
  11. Developer Tools
  12. Dependency Management
  13. Testing and CI/CD
  14. The App Store
  15. Demographics